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Pilates Infusion Delivers to physical therapy and rehabilitation results that traditional health clubs can’t.

Located in Denver, Pilates Infusion is an intimate, serene studio focused on your individual, physical goals. Offering classes for all shapes and sizes in Denver, we deliver a safe, nurturing environment to achieve your fitness goals.


Strength Building

Popular throughout Denver, Pilates is a holistic exercise training regimen that strengthens the stabilizing muscles in the body’s core, supporting the spine. It supports every movement that you do, whether you are carrying groceries, sitting at your table, walking your dog or climbing stairs. By doing Pilates, your entire body will be strong, holding your skeleton in proper alignment at all times - great for participating in all of the fitness activities offered in the Denver area.


Rehabilitation, Injury Recovery and Prevention

Pilates is used by physical therapists throughout Denver and the nation because it is proven to prevent muscular and skeletal injuries and is excellent for the recovery of recurrent back pain and injury. Pilates exercises are performed slowly and the intensity is increased gradually. It is used as a therapeutic regimen because the movements are controlled and unlikely to lead to re-injury.


Proactive Osteoporosis Prevention

Pilates is a safe, controlled way to increase bone mass, prevent osteoporosis and circumvent the need for joint replacements such as knee and hip replacements. Pilates works for the prevention of osteoporosis and joint replacements because it places stress on bones, which results in increased bone mass.



Free parking for our clients! Pilates Infusion is located in Denver, CO at 100 South Madison Street, Suite 2B.


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