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Pilates Infusion changed my life! I signed up in November, 2 days after my 50th birthday. I was in bad shape, fat, and scared to exercise. Pilates Infusion was exactly what I needed to get me started. Rhonda and Andrea are excellent teachers and drivers for any fitness level. After 3 months of 2 classes a week, I have lost 31.5 pounds, 33 inches and I am strong! I am motivated to do additional exercise. I can ski all day from the top of the mountain to the bottom without resting. I can play with my grandkids all day without a nap (ok I still go to bed early after a day with them)!  I just can’t say enough good things about Pilates Infusion. If you need a kick in the pants to get started exercising, this is it.

Cindy Gibson

Pilates Infusion has been a life changing experience for me. I have lost more than two sizes, strengthened and toned my body, improved my posture and developed a real body awareness. I could never have accomplished all this in eight months without the knowledgable, attentive and friendly instructors at Pilates Infusion who have created a community that is welcoming, nurturing and truly enjoyable.Pilates Infusion has not only improved my body, but it has also improved my spirit. This place is magical!A. Dorry Infusion has not only improved my body, but it has also improved my spirit.  This place is magical!

A. Dorry

"When I started Pilates only a few months before my wedding I didn’t know exactly how much my body could really change in that short period of time, but with the help of everyone at PILATES INFUSION not only am I going to look great in my strapless wedding dress but also I finally feel confident enough to pull out that bikini for my honeymoon. Every part of my body, from my arms, to my legs to my abs, has become more toned and I feel a better overall confidence in the way I look. I can not thank PILATES INFUSION enough for taking me to the next level at such an important time in my life!"



Jennifer C. Person

I have been athletic my entire life, playing sports, working out at a traditional gym and utilizing the great outdoors. Never in my life have I found such an effective way of working out as I have with Pilates. It combines cardio and strength building all in one, but does not develop bulky muscles. 

Pilates Infusion is an amazing studio. The instructors truly care about your well being as well helping you achieve your goals. Within a few short weeks, I already noticed significant changes in my body. Do your body a favor and try Pilates Infusion.


Bonnie Hill

"The attentive and dedicated staff at PILATES INFUSION will provide you with a wonderful experience in Physical exercise. I wish that I would have started years ago. I encourage all those wishing to achieve a more fit and happy lifestyle to start Pilates as soon as possisble and see what you are missing!


For years I had been hearing about the benefits of Pilates but never tried it until my grown son told me about PILATES INFUSION in Cherry Creek. He had experieced a difficult knee surgery and knew Pilates would strengthen his leg and help him stay in shape while recuperating. His belief in the exercise convinced me that I needed ot try it. As a runner, I want my body and my muscles toned and strong. As a middle-aged woman, I want continuous resistance training to keep my bones strong and healthy. Pilates is a wonderful all-in-one form of exercise. It gave me results I could feel and see after just a few sessions. It also requires me to concentrate on my movements rather than watch the clock. The times goes so quickly when I am doing Pilates. I just love my time at PILATES INFUSION!"


Jan McCubbrey

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