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Christmas is right around the corner!

Hello my fav people of all time!!!

How is your Christmas shopping going? Any loved ones that would enjoy the gift of Pilates for Christmas? Any gift certificate purchase of $100 or more gives you $20 off your next package or monthly membership.... a great time to get your mom, your dad, your significant other, or your best buddy to Pilates Infusion! Available for purchase in the store online or in person when you come to class.

How is the new scheduler working out for you? Please give me feedback as it is a work in progress...

The mobile app is a lot easier to navigate - click on the link below or scan the QR reader.

Ready for ski season?? I will be incorporating ski conditioning exercises in all my sculpting/conditioning and Pilates Reformer classes.

Time to GET STRONG! This includes knees, abs, shoulders, and back - no injuries this season please!!!

Enjoy this Christmas season ~ let's work together to stay strong and healthy throughout the holidays!!!

Lots of love,


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