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Fascial Stretch Training... what is it?


Flrst off, let's define your fascia and your fascial nets:

Fascia is your connective tissue - anatomical tissues that serve as a sheath the forms beneath the skin to attach, enclose, and separate muscles and internal organs.

Your fascial nets are a network of interacting and interrelated tissues used to perform movement.

They have their own way of communicating and working together.

You have front and back nets, functional nets, lateral nets, spiral nets, and power nets.

So why is it important to get your fascial nets stretched on a consistent basis?

1. Relief from pain and inflammation

2. Deregulation of the nervous system

3. Sense of calming to the muscles & fascia

4. Increased flexibility

5. Correction of imbalances & improved gait and alignment

5. Whole body integration & reconnection of the mind and body

6. Increased athletic performance - speed, balance, coordination, strength

7. Increased range of motion

8. Improved posture and lengthening of muscles and fascia

Sessions last one hour and can be set up with Rhonda.

You can respond to this blog or text me at 303-320-5515.


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